Gentlemen, you know better....or do you?

I recently stumbled onto a request on a message board to post something I may feel guilty about regarding it's anti-feminist nature. I intended to post some nonsense along the lines of, "I feel guilty for having a sense of entitlement to having men open my doors, carry the heavy stuff, spring for dinner, offer me a seat and stand when I enter or exit the room". Before I posted this gibberish, it occurred to me this is nothing to feel guilty about. These are not unreasonable expectations. .

Consider this small argument for chivalry - then consider the countless unmentioned acts women perform daily that would seem to justify a return to chivalry REGARDLESS of how many rights and liberties we acquire:

1. Women don't need men to open doors for them.

I also don't need to schedule a regular pussy waxing, but I do. You may feel I enjoy the "luxury" of having hair brutally torn from my body, or you may feel that the "week before the next wax" itch is what I find titillating, but you're way off. I do it for you....and I like it when you open my door.

2. Women don't need men to carry the heavy stuff.

Sure, but I also don't need to wait until your ex-girlfriend or your buddies are within earshot before diving into a dirty little rant about what a fabulous fuck you are.. Any conveniently overheard purring I do about how "your big hard cock makes my pussy sooooooooo wet" or "I think your tongue may have earned you a threesome" is for your benefit only. I know that your announcing your own sexual prowess is viewed as somewhat exaggerated....and I'll do my part to put any doubt regarding it's legitimacy to rest - any "accidental" announcement of your stellar sexual ability is done solely for you....and I like it when you carry the heavy stuff.

3. Women don't need men to spring for dinner.

Let's get real here. I just spent a small fortune on new lingerie, the retrieval of that slinky little dress you like so much from the drycleaner, touching up my highlights, buying new strappy sandals to showcase freshly pedicured toes (you love my feet....admit it), and having a henna pro temporarily tattoo a charming little Ode to your dick on my upper inner thigh....and I like it when you spring for dinner.

4. Women don't need men to stand when they enter or exit a room.

I also don't need to stop myself before giggling and pointing when you've emerged from what must have been a particularly chilly shower, but I do....and I like it when you stand when I enter the room.

5. Women don't need men to offer them a seat.

I also don't need to refrain from pushing you from the seat you neglected to offer me while singing my own little musical composition, "you can't hit me cause I'm a girl", but I do. I don't do it because I fear you'll be candy-assed enough to press charges. I do it because I like you....and I like it when you offer me a seat.

Gentlemen, this is but a fraction of a seemingly never-ending list of the outdated, anti-feminist actions that women cling to almost lovingly regardless of all acquired rights, liberation and sentiments of equality. We don't hang onto such nonsense because we don't know any better. We do it because we like you.

A little appreciation in return can't be such a bad thing.

XOXO,Miss Jones

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Posted by Miss Meretrix Jones at 9:18 AM