"I'll be in town tonight.Make reservations for dinner, grab a limo and
meet me at the airport at 5. Don't wear anything under your coat - We'll pick up
something for you to wear before dinner".

Message from a client that led to an evening of exceptionally delightful sexual indulgence.

"It's important for me to know that the woman I'm with pulls her weight.
I can't believe some women still expect a guy to pay for dinner."

Statement from a civlian date that led to an evening of his wondering why I'm "frigid".

-Miss Jones

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Your Wife: The Wanton Slut

"My wife would never do that" is not an uncommon statement made by clients. I hear it often enough that I know they feel their wives would never do that - often enough that I'm occassionally surprised to hear even a casual greeting before I hear the inevitable "my wife would never do that" mantra.

This leaves me wondering just how well they know their wives.

Women, no matter how complex their character, tend to be pigeon holed into their expected roles. This happens immediately. It's her first impression that dictates what role she's to assume in a relationship and a man will generally view the woman he'll marry as a "good girl". Now however wonderful this sounds, it's rather sad since the "good girl" role is painfully difficult to gracefully overcome and results in relationships that are so wholesome that they hurt.

Good girls can't jeopardize the respectability that's been thrust upon them by behaving too provocatively. Good girls mustn't express a fondness for cock. Good girls should never swallow...if unable to dodge, spit. Good girls must never express an interest in sex-toys,porn or kink and will certainly morph into the most wretched and despicable sluts if they dare to take it up the ass.

Conversely, a woman whose first impression was a naughty one has it made."Bad girls" have a much easier time switching roles on a whim. The badder the better. In fact, if she's bad enough, simply investing in a pair of cotton panties will cause jaws to drop and shock her mate into realizing that there's more to this woman than the role she plays. All women are multifaceted, but it's only the bad girl who has nothing to lose by making it known.

Men customarily fail to realize that every bawdy little slut has a good girl lurking inside her and every good girl has within her a filthy tramp waiting to emerge...she may just mistakenly feel that she needs permision. I honestly believe that if men could recognize their wives as the wanton cock loving tarts that they frequently want to be, they'd eliminate much of my income.

XOXO, Miss Jones

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Self-Governing My Troublesome Twat

It's been said over and over by radical feminists that prostitution is a slap in the face to women, that it objectifies women, that they feel sorry for the "victims" of prostitution because they must have no respect for themselves if they simply hand over such a cherished prize for a price.

I don't subscribe to that belief. It's not a prize. It's a cunt. It's MY cunt. It's the same cunt that I've given samples of to certain lucky gentlemen for free....and was thus patted on the back by fellow females for being liberated, for being empowered by the almighty vagina, for acknowledging my sexuality and for doing so without shame and without a husband granting me persmission to do so.

Why then, is this same act viewed as victimization when accompanied by an envelope of cash? How is an act that is clearly deemed acceptable when performed for free seen as demeaning to women when one chooses to capitalize on it? I mean, let's face it - if he's the sort of gent that invests a crap load of cash on one risqué evening, he's exactly the sort of accomplished, shameless hedon I probably would have slept with anyways.

Let me assure you, as a woman who has both fucked for free and fucked for money, the latter feels nothing like victimization. Returning from an evening out with a purse brimming with fiscal splendor beats the hell out of returning from an evening out with nothing but a sore pussy. I fail to see how this qualifies as victimization.

XOXO, Miss Jones

"And the crazy part of it was even if you were clever, even if you spent your adolescence reading John Donne and Shaw, even if you studied history or zoology or physics and hoped to spend your life pursuing some difficult and challenging career, you still had a mind full of all the soupy longings that every high-school girl was awash in... underneath it, all you longed to be was annihilated by love, to be swept off your feet, to be filled up by a giant prick spouting sperm, soapsuds, silk and satins and, of course, money." - Erica Jong

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