Oh, The Whore-ors!

Ireland Online:
"Chris de Burgh lost his virginity to a French prostitute when he was 16.

The Lady In red crooner claims he didn't know his first sexual encounter was with a call girl until they were in the bedroom of a brothel.

But De Burgh refused to let the incident torment him, and actually has fond memories of his first time.

"I can't remember how much it cost, but I do know that I wasn't exactly the world's greatest stud."

Daily Times:
"Oliver Stone says his father took him to a prostitute to lose his virginity. Stone tells next month’s Playboy magazine that his dad, a Wall Street financier, sent him off to all-boys boarding schools and all-boys summer camps before he graduated to Yale, so he was never around girls.

When the time came to lose his virginity, Stone’s father took him to visit a prostitute.

“My father was a generous man and I love him to this day for it. There’s a great tradition of that, I believe."

Ah...to fondly reminisce about a first encounter with a prostitute! It's a rite of passage. It's a dearly embraced custom, a masculine praxis, the stuff wet dreams are made of. It's an event that is lovingly remembered and one that men tend to be grateful for. The "first prostitute" story is always harmless, almost innocent and actually charming when a man tells it properly .

It's all so innocuous and even somewhat titillating until media/public attention focuses on the woman in question - then of course it's disgusting and she should repent ... perhaps pay a fine.

We've come a long way, baby! We can have careers, we can take care of our own finances, we can purchase our own property, we can have it all...but bring an actual vagina into the equation and it's still 1915.

XOXO, Miss Jones
Ireland Online
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