Not that there's anything wrong with it, but.....

What an interesting crowd you are. As I haven't updated in ages, I found it interesting to learn when checking webstats that you folks are hanging out here in an old dead blog . What I found considerably more interesting were some of the google search terms that brought you here in the first place.

My favourites from the last week:
  • My Slut Wife
  • Me and My Twat
  • Hippy Threesome Wife
  • Why are Frenchmen Called Frogs
  • Soupy Twat (WTF?)
  • Miss Whore 69 ( I wasn't around in 69. Hate to think I missed the ceremony)
  • Miss Whore 2000 ( Clearly a long running and very well established pageant)

I'm sure that in typing this I've increased the number of hits from the soupy twat seeking bunch. Perhaps one of you would be good enough to provide a link to whatever site you were really looking for. I'm curious (in that train wreck sort of way) as this would seem to be something best avoided rather than actively sought out. I only hope that locating the soupy twat site of your dreams doesn't result in future google search terms such as "bulk penicillin" and "itchy green genitals". Feel free to fill me in via the email link.


Miss Jones

Posted by Miss Meretrix Jones at 6:18 AM